yeah, that's my's a little shady around my face >> I KNOW<< but it's all good, i WILL put up another pic real soon(i guess i need a little more guts)

You can e-mail me, anything you want(crazy pic's, your stats e.t.c.) at !!!Don't be shy!!!

! ! ! ! W A S S S U P ! ! ! !

Hey?! This is my first Webpage, so no nude or face pic's , cause i don't know who the heck will be checkin this page out....

I know everyone is interested in stats only anyway so: 24.y.o/UCLA Student/Mixed German and Greek/5'9"/155lbs/Workout/Short brown hair/Hazel eyes/Str8 acting and appearing! Cool body, face and attitude ! Anyway, if you are cool, not flamboyant(i am not into VOUGIN' DANCE-QUEENS!!), cute, down to earth person let me know wassup...cause there are great people out there I KNOW(!!)

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