Alex In L.A.'s European Vacation

I know that for those of you who have been checking out this Website since it's inception way back (before facebook/my space time) in 2001 were a little surprised when the up-to-date- infos stopped in 2009
Of course I did not fall off the face of the earth but my dad got sick and as the "only son" I had to cater to my family in Europe for the time being.
As much as I miss "my" L.A., I took the opportunity to explore the old Continent a little, especially clubs of course, so enjoy a couple of Videos that I took (not of myself,lol) but cool "different clubs" in Greece and Germany, cool streetfestivals and what not...

Chillin With My Mom and 80 Year Old Grandma in Rhodes/Greece

And Got To Meet Some "Nice" Girls Aswell...

Let's Check Out Some Unedited Videos I made, Of Course With All The Smart Remarks You Know From The Pics Of This Website. Just In Videoform This Time...

I Was Quite The "Ladies Man" With The 60+ Crowd In Europe!

I LOOOVE Rhodes/Greece. How About A L.A.Trip Out There in 2011 ?

First Up, Barstreet in Rhodes/Greek and Yeah, I catched some guys kissing there too(I think),lol

Next Up, A Two Minute/Unedited Walkthru Of A Club In Rhodes/Greece (Man, I Miss It Already!)

A Quiet Monday Night At A Beach Club In Berlin/Germany (Oh Yeah, Berlin Is Nowere Close To A Beach) Just A Great Spot To Be At!

If There Is Something I Learned About Europe Is That We Are Lacking In L.A. On The Streetfair Front! Ok, We Have Sunset Street Junction In Silverlake But Especially In Germany There Are Way Cooler Streetfairs Like This One That Was Happening On A Randon Wednesday In The Middle Of The Summer..

Ok, This One Is (Kinda) Emberassing. Myself Walking Thru The Biggest Cultural Festival In Europe Which Happens Every Year At The End Of August In Frankfurt/Germany (Pretty Much An Excuse To Drink For An Entire Weekend). I Tried To Comment On What Is Happening. Unfortunatly I was (Really) Drunk. Basicall Just Rambling On This Video, But I Try To Translate As Good As I Can...

ANYHOW, I Had A Blast In Europe, But It Is Time To Get Back Home To My Friends And The City That I Love More Then Anything!


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