L.A. Has 78 Miles Of Beaches. But Where Is What YOU Are Looking For?

Santa Barbera/Ventura County Line

Exit 101 at Bates Road

Park in the lot on the RIGHT above the beach, walk down to the beach, head to the RIGHT, in 1/2 mile you'll encounter to fat nudes, strangly the fat people are drawn to volleyball, which they really should not do, resist the urge to look and keep on walking, after another 1/2 mile its gay nude beach, enjoy, watch for occasional bored cops on the cliffs above.
(Note: Nude Sunbathing on public beaches is illegal in California)


L.A's Partybeach, the beach for the "Valley Kids", boogie/body boarding, tons of Radio Promotions in the summer, make sure to be around Life-guard Stations 14-18, as otherwise you will hanging with family's and there crying newborns, which can be very painful!


The only beach in L.A. County for Surfer's only, surf or watch!


This is the ultimate Surfer-Beach! Surf Chicks and guys batteling it out. Great Waves and a cool spot to watch! Not really a swim beach, as the area is pretty rocky. It is the perfect "fu*&$ed up surfer beach" though, with one Palm-Tree, the chicks and a restroom!


This is the beach were the "cool" locals go, right in front of Patrick's Roadhouse(good food and Arnold's hangout)

If you are straight, stay around the lifeguard tower, you will be surrounded by the most beautiful girls, some tourist and beach-volleyballplayers alike
Just 10 feet south and you are in the middle of L.A>'s only GAY BEACH, to cool off!
Back on PCH, there is MARIX, a cool MEXICAN BAR, or on Sundays go to the FRIENDSHIP , which has a great beer-bust 90%gay, 10% drunks, always f u n ! BBQ too!


Packed almost every day, the Pier is cool and can be romantic on winternights! Best place to have some drinks @ BIG DEANS MUSCLE INN, right on the Santa Monica Beach Path, next to the Pier(not on), Rock music, white trash(but good white trash,lol) hang-out, cheap big pitcher of beers, you will meet a lot of locals(say Hi to Scateboard-Mom from me) and tourists alike.....look for my drunken pics on there walls!


Southern California's biggest tourist attraction. What can I write that has not been written about Venice Beach.
Colourful? yes! Funky? Yes! Fun? yes! If you are visiting or living in L.A., a trip down to Venice should always be a priortity!
For food, check out H.O.T, on the corner of Windward and Ocean, actually 1 blk south of that corner, for the best OMELETTES on the westside!

A cheap, cool place were you can hang with some locals for drinks, bypass the Sidewalk cafe-which is a tourist-trapp and go to the WATERFRONT CAFE at the other end of the Boardwalk, it has a cool view during Sunset and imported German beer!.

Also, dont miss the remaining Venice Canals, just 2 blks from the Beach!

The biggest man made yacht harbor in the World! Check out the amazing boats or dine at some of L.A's more upscale restaurants

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