Talk Of The Town Restaurants

8439 W.Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood
Overhyped/Overpriced? Maybe? Maybe Not?
There is no doubt that when a new restaurant opens with all the hype along the Sunset Strip, the opinions will differ. Place looks amazing, certainly a spot to be seen plus you will pay for that privilege. Can you get better food for the price you pay in this city? Well, of course you can, but sometimes it is just fun to endulge a little and there filet mignon wrapped asparagus is actually pretty good
Make your reservation and dont expect a "mindblowing dining experience" but rather a great night out with the sexy crowd
6611 Hollywood Blvd - Hollywood
With Hollywood Blvd becoming more and more upscale, it would not take long for David Judakin(owner to some of the hottest clubs in the area) to bring a dining establishment towards the area that has a Four Star Mobil honored chef in Alan Lee that offers asian dishes with a french twist.
5936 W. Sunset Blvd - Hollywood
Gastropubs are all the rage in Los Angeles these days and honestly, why not! They have wine, fancy beers, cocktails AND FOOD aswell,  which is mostly Italian (Meatballs, Pasta, Calamari)
A great crowd rounds up this place and makes it a perfect place to grab some food before hitting the clubs
6608 Hollywood Blvd - Hollywood
The Kress is a Supper Club that once you enter, truely transforms you back into the 1930's glitzs and glamour of Hollywood. The diningroom is nothing short of stunning. Food is pan asian helmed by chef Troy Tompson. There is also a sushi bar and private diningroom. This 5 story building also houses a basement nightclub, a lounge and a stunning looking rooftop patio with amazaing views(which you can only access via bottleservice) Making reservations is highly recomended(323-785-5000)
8720 Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood
All you bacon, lettuce and tomato lovers hold back your joy as BLT stands for Bistro Laurent Tourdel and not the delicious sandwich. It a New York offspring steakhouse done with french elaborations. It's a hip and happening place, so making reservations is highly suggested (310-360-1950)
3229 Helms Ave - Culver City
Long awaited by the anticipating westside crowd, the second location of Fathers Office is now open. Known to serve the best burgers west of the Mississippi River, you can enjoy those now in a second, more spacious location. Fathers Office 2 is still more a bar than restaurant. You will have to order from your bartender and as in the original location, there are no substitutions or modifications accepted to there burger menu. But why would you want to change something that is already perfect? Beer lovers will be happy to enjoy 72 labels on tab
6350 Hollywood Blvd - Hollywood
Celeb owned restaurants usually are overhyped and soon forgotten. What this restaurant, owned by Eva Longoria, stand apart from the others is that celeb chef Todd English is running the kitchen
Expect updated mexican dishes with an upscale twist. The barscene is very lively aswell, so you could stay late for some drinks after your meal
10100 Constellation - Century City
We all know Mr.Colicchio being the head judge on bravo tv's "Top Chef", so he should know something about good food, right? RIGHT! His restaurant is the ultimate power lunch spot. CAA Agents, check! William Morris Clients, Check! Some celebs,Check! They all come to this spacious(200 seat)restaurant for some serious food(this is BIG food, large portions are the norm)Pork Belly, Confit Duck, Lamb and the New York Strip are all outstanding. When it is warm outside, request a seat on the patio which is overlooking a smal park. Very Nice. For reservations call 310-279-4180
1111 2nd Street - Santa Monica
This 18th story restaurant sure came a long way from it's old Toppers Happy Hour Bar days. It is a super fine and pricy dining establishment now after a huge make over. 
Going up the outdoor glass elevator, you are exposed to incredible views of the Santa Monica Bay, inside the restaurant has a all white decor with glass chandeliers and sheer curtains. The food is high quality, especially the salmon filet and New York strip loin. Bring your dollars. To reserve one of the cabana tables, there will be a $600 minimum charge(Reservations: 310-393-8080)
8811 Santa Monica Blvd - West Hollywood
Already a prime destination for high end dining and late night entertainment, Eleven is a stunning looking establishment. It is housed inside a historic 1922 Bankbuilding, that turned into a recordingstudio were Prince recorded his famous hit "Purple Rain"
The kitchen is run by chef Vincent Manna(L'Orangerie/Spago) and mostly specializes in American cuisine, laces with Italian, Caribbean and Asian influences.
The name ELEVEN is representing the concept that after dining, around 11pm, the restaurant transforms into an elegant and stylish nightclub.(
7383 Melrose Ave - Hollywoo
This is my kinda place! Neighborhood diners and Melrose hipsters alike mix and mingle at this new restaurant. The high ceilings and exposed brick walls almost makes you feel that you are at some spot in brooklyn(looking out of the window, you know that you are in the heart of trendy L.A.)
Billed as a gastropub, The Village Idiot offers usual pubfood - gourmet style. Reservations are not acccepted, but there is a lively bar area for you to have some drinks while waiting for a table. This is not a "quiet/romantic" restaurant, especially later into the night it can get quite raudy. Great place to come with a lot of friends for a fun night out.
641 N.Highland Ave - Hollywood
Not only is it unusal that you have to make reservations for a pizzeria (323)297-0101, but that you might have to wait up to three weeks to get a table sure is! But that's what happen when Nancy Silverton, who brought us Campanile and La Brea Bakery opend this restaurant. The wood burning pizza is of course excellent, the fresh mozeralla exclusively delivered daily from northern california, is rich and milky. Naturally you dont get a simple peperoni pizza here, think fennel sausage,  littleneck clam or egg and radicchio pizza.($9-$17). Although the restaurant is busy, the service is excellent. If you dont want to wait for your reservation to come up in weeks, there are also two spots at the winecounter for walk up costumers, but expect a long wait.  
6703 Melrose Ave - Hollywood
This Pan-Asian Fusion restaurants sure attrackts a young and very pretty crowd, so is the space with lanterns, warm booths, dark teakwood tables and a picture of Mao on the wall.
Food is exceptional aswell, especially if you like shrimps. The black pepper and caramel shrimps were outstanding. Dress sexy and make reservations(323-525-1415) and enjoy some fun and tasty times
8555 Beverly Blvd - Los Angeles
This sister restaurant to Simon kitchen and bar at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe made a splash inside the Sofitel Hotel in L.A.
Like the Vegas version, you will get some good american comfort food here. Shrimp Cocktails, Iron Chef Burgers, Fish and Steaks. They are prepared to excellence and when the bill comes, you know that you are not at a 50's diner. Quality is incredible though and you will get what you pay for! The crowd will get a little more rowdy/trendy/younger with the progress of the evening, which makes it also a great spot to enjoy the barscene after your meal. 
170 N.Church Lane - Los Angeles
The adress sure makes you wonder where this restaurant/Hotel is located, although i bet that you probably drove by here hundreds of times while on the 405 freeway. It is the formerly round tower Holiday Inn Hotel, right by Sunset Blvd and the 405 in Brentwood. After a bottom to top makeover, it is a sexy boutique hotel now, called Hotel Angeleno.
A quick elevator ride up to the 17th floor will introduce you to there signature restaurant, called West. probably the only city where you can look down to a busy freeway and call it a romantic night out with an incredible view.(On a sidenote, the view IS incredible and it IS romantic)
  Food is basically a lot of small plates(all priced at $6) you can share as starters(grilled baby artichokes e.t.c.) For the maincourse think italian seafood. Lots of pastas and some fine salmon or sea scallops. Of course with L.A.going steak crazy at the moment, you can also order a 36 ounce Florentine T-Bone Prime.
(Reservations: 310-481-7878-Dinner served only until 10.30 pm, this is not Hollywood !)
6266 1/2 Sunset Blvd - Hollywood
A great spot to dine, especially if you feel the munchies after midnight(or after a late night screening at the Arclight, which is walking distance from the restaurant). Magnolia is open and serves dinner daily until 2 Am/Fri-Sat 3 AM. Food is "updated american" and really good. The Magnolia Burger($11/up)is fine, so are the fried calamari, but my favorite so far has been the rigatoni with bolognese souce(although it's a little tough on your stomach when consuming at 1 am). Steak is surprisingly good too, plus not to much on the pricy side(steak/fries $26). Expect a young, upbeat and energetic crowd!  
1600 N.Cahuenga Blvd - Hollywood
Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood's hottest street, gets even hotter with the addition of Citizen Smith. This restaurant looks stunning, cozy, hip, (insert your own word here). Designed by Thomas Schoos, who is also responsible for places like Koi and O-Bar, outdid himself here.
Foodchoices are American Comfort Food. Steaks, Chops, Jalapeno Mac 'n' cheese and so on. Basic, but oh so good.
There are also 3 bars, which makes it perfect to just enjoy the restaurant for some drinks before heading to the clubs in the area! Also Monday offers Friends and Family Day with 50% off foodprices on the ENTIRE menu and tuesdays it's jazznight with 50% off bottles of wine. Good deals indeed   
14 N. La Cienega - Beverly Hills
Seems like hip Steakhouses are popping up all over town, including The Lodge, with it's well themed timber lodge look. The place is very cozy and from the multiple SUV's at the Valetline, it seems that L.A.'s hipsters have already discovered the place. As for the beef, it is prime aged, 31 days and of course it is very tender and very good! For non meat eaters, there are fish and salad options. How a 30 cent potato ends up as an sea salt baked potato for $11 however will be a mystery to me for some time to come! (Reservations:310-854-0024)         
730 N.La Cienega - West Hollywood
A couple of facts about West Hollywoods hottest place.
1. You can't get in without reservations, even to the bar(323-659-9449) 2. Think Asian Tapas when you ordering, Koi's food is made to share. 3. Let the servers guide you, especially on the Sake choices. 4. The place is off the hook!
While inside, there's a bar, lounge and then extended dining room and a back patio that's known for it's A-List celeb factor and Hollywood hipsters
Koi's signature rolls are pretty good, so is the baked crab and my personal favorite, the Asian spiced chicken skewers.  
MAKAI(Formerly KAI)
101 Broadway - Santa Monica
The hottest spot in Santa Monica right now is Makai. A happening place where most people probably come more for the bar scene than the food!
Speaking of food, it is pretty much Los Angeles standard fare: Tapas style, hot and cold, Hand Rolls, Beef Carpaccio, Tartares and Salads.
The outside patio is the place to be, especially sitting around the fire pits, as a lot of people forget how cold it can get at night so close to the beach!  

You are in L.A. for only 24hrs, have to see someone famous to brag about back home, go here!

Great, classic downtown restaurant. Very spacious, perfect for stargazing!

BARNEYS GREENGRASS Inside The Barney Dept Store - Wilshire Blvd /Beverly Hills

It's just lunch, but what kind of a lunch it is!....Dealmakers, Moviemakers, Hollywood Shakers and A-List Stars galore!  

CHINOIS ON MAIN-2709 Main Street- Santa Monica

1514 Gower - Hollywood
Always a line, always someone to spot, every Hip Hop Star and there friends has been here, great food(big big food) aswell!

Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch
4325 Glencoa Ave-Marina Del Rey
If you like Soulfood(the actual food not the tv-show) come here, PACKED with Hip Hop/Movie/Producer-Stars, mostly on the Weekend

9071 Santa Monica Blvd - West Hollywood
Simply the best Steaks and Veal in town! Always someone there to " Spot", but go there for the Veal! It's worth it

Where to go when you get the munchies after midnight

Astro Burger - 7475 Santa Monica Blvd - West Hollywood

Great place in the middle of West Hollywood for your late night munchies. All American food, high quality, intteresting crowd! Open till 3 AM most nights

Berri's Pizza - 8412 W.3rd Street - Los Angeles

Close to clubs like A.D.this pizza place is open for business till 4 AM. Try the BBQ Pizza..mmmmm, mmmm, good!

Cactus - 950 Vine Street - Hollywood

All the tacos and enchiladas you  crave, open daily until 3AM

Canters - 419 N.Fairfax - Los Angeles

Old, Old, Old L.A. deli, great crowd, especially after 2 AM! Open 24/7

Damianos  MR.Pizza - 412 N.Fairfax - Los Angeles

Pizza, Pasta and Beer daily till 6AM (Beer only untill Midnight, what a shame...)

E-Moon Oak - 869 S.Western - Los Angeles

Traditional Korean Soups and Food. Open 24/7  

Fred 62 - 1850 N.Vermont - Los Angeles

50s diner with killer burgers abd breakfast served around the clock!

Mel's Diner - 8535 Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood

With the demise of the Rock n' Roll Dennies down the street, this is one of the view 24/7 diners left in the West Hollywood / Hollywood area!

Norms - 470 N. La Cienega - West Hollywood, also locations in Santa Monica and on Pica in WLA

A great place for Steak and Eggs, served 24/7. Always great combo specials. You can get a steak, fries, soup, salad and a drink for under $6!

Nova Express - 426 N.Fairfax - Los Angeles

Right across from Canters, this place has some killer sandwiches, plus dj's spinning on most nights till 4 AM

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles - 1518 Gower - Hollywood

This legendary place is busy all the time, but waiting for your turn on those crammy chairs is half the fun! DJ Scott K swears off #13 from the menue(one succulent breast and a delicious Waffle)

Swingers - 8020 Beverly Blvd - Los Angeles

Full of hipsters and artsy wannebees, still great food, especially late at nights(open till 4 AM most nights) Avoid weekend mornings, as the line is way to long!  

101 Coffeeshop - 6145 Franklin Avenue - Hollywood

Located close to all the major Hollywood Hot Spots this place get packed late night till 3 AM, even if you never been here, you probably know the place from the movie "Swingers". Crowd is always fun, even in the daytime with the very interesting "Hollywood Insider" crowd! 

7475 Santa Monica Blvd - West Hollywood
Probably one of the best burgers and sandwiches right in the heart of West Hollywood. Open till 2 AM 
Berrie's Pizza Cafe
8412 W.3rd Street - Los Angeles
Close to clubs like A.D., this spot is happening, not only because of there great pizzas, but it also because it stays open till 4 AM  
Cactus Mexican Cafe
950 Vine Street - Hollywood
All the tacos and enchilades you can deal with....all the way to 3 AM
419 N.Fairfax - Los Angeles
This old, old deli is open 24 / 7 and packed with hipsters after 2 AM
412 N. Fairfax - Los Angeles
Pizza, Pasta & Beer! Open till 6AM!
Jay's Jayburger
4481 Santa Monica Blvd - Silverlake
When the neighbours rally to save this joint from the wrecking ball, you know this tiny shack has to be good! Open till midnight weekdays/ 24 hrs Weekebds
Mel's Diner
3 Locations: 8585 Sunset - West Hollywood /  Hollywood-Highland In Hollywood/ 14846 Ventura Blvd - North Hollywood
So nicly located next to several happening places, this famous 50s style diner is open 24/7 
470 La Cienega - West Hollywood
Also locations in  Santa Monica / West L.A.
Great Specials thruout the day, if you crave Steak & Eggs you found the right place! Open 24 Hours
Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles
1518 Gower - Hollywood
You always have to wait on these crummy chairs to be seated, but it is definatly worth the wait. DJ  Scott K swears on #13 of the menue! Opens till 4AM Weekdays
8020 Beverly Blvd - Los Angeles
Happening, Hip, All American diner, packed ! Open till 4 AM on most nights

Gourmet Food, Right From The Curb

Over the last year, the street food scene in Los Angeles has escalated beyond the old school taco trucks perched outside construction sites and public works buildings. A new era of street food has emerged in the form of branded specialty food trucks and things are just starting to heat up. With the success of the Kogi Truck, serving up Korean-Mexican fusion, a road has been paved for niche food entrepreneurs to escape the high overhead world of brick and mortar and take their delectable concoctions to the streets.

Roaming Hunger locates and profiles all the top spots, in LA alone there are over 53 vendors roaming the streets--- all of which provide top notch cuisine to you where you would least expect it… on a curb.

With so much hype around the movement, people are searching for ways to find out and locate the trucks… Roaming Hunger is the go-to site to find everything you need to hit the streets.

Quell your rumbling stomach at

Yes! There Are Restaurants Who Are Both, Hip AND Good

1113 N.Harper Ave - West Hollywood
By far my favorite restaurant in L.A. Gardens Of Taxco has been a mainstay for over 35 years now. It's mexican to the best! No menus here, the waiter will come to your table and ask what you are in the mood for(chicken,beef, fish or shrimp), when you decide, you will be offered(sometimes in singing)what the choices are. Everything is good here, especially the sauces(mole and crema come to mind). This is a 5 course dinner that includes soup, appetizers, maincourse and desert and it wont set you back to much, considering around $20/person is a steal. Perfect spot to come with a date or a bunch of friends. (tue thru sun -(323) 654-1746      
1544 N. Cahuenga Blvd - Hollywood
As if you needed another excuse to roam around Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood, which is one of the hippest streets in town these days, there is a new burger and beer restaurant! The burgers are more on the interesting side, there's a veggie option made from quinoa, a burger with brie, caramelized onion, bacon and balsmic vinegar, grilled avecado and chipotle souce and so on. Plus 30 beers from tap, which sounds like my kinda place!

7213 Sunset Blvd - Hollywood
The brains behind 217, Voda, Jones & Pearl Dragon got together to create this "Jungle" Themed place with ebony plank floors, walls of zebrawood and is ready to welcome the "L.A.Scene" ! Food is seasonal. Friday and Saturday Evenings the kitchen stays open till 1AM! (so, no more excuses that there is no good food after 10 PM on the strip!)

8439 Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood
This sushi restaurant is not only beautiful, but actually really good. Very stylish interior and a upscale crowd, not to be missed, no matter if you are a tourist or local. Make sure to call for reservations.
Oh yeah, Katana stands for samurai sword, see (!!) you can actually learn something here...
611 N.La Brea - West Hollywood
Moroccan themed with a beautiful dining room where you can get all lovely with your mate in the cozy booths, draped with gold mesh canopies and lighted  by ornate Moroccan lanters!
3705 Sunset Blvd - Silverlake
Probably one of the best Indian Restaurants in the country! Recently went thru some remodel and changes but glad to report that you still cant go wrong here, start with a Tantra Platter, try either the rogan josh(lamb curry) or kesari monkfish. Tantra does not take reservations, but this stunning looking restaurant(build inside a former bankbuilding) has a great lounge and tons of celebs to look at, so waiting for your table should be a joy! (Christina Aguilera recently occupied a booth when I was there)
The Spanish Kitchen
826 N. La Cienege Blvd - West Hollywood 
Mexican cuisine hangout with a great, stylish bar.  Great spot to grab some food before heading towards various clubs in the area!

246 N. Canon Drive - Beverly Hills
 A little on the $$$ site, but it is so worth it. Order the 18 ounce, take half of it home, you will love it the next day( We are talking Steak here!)

Pig n' Whistle
Hollywood Blvd
The Sign says established 1929, but dont be fooled, the creators of the Sunset Room opend this Hot Spot, on weekends they move the tables and it's a happening nightspot!

Saddle Ranch Chop House
8371 Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood
This Western style bar/restaurant with a mechanical bull and a patio overlooking the Sunset Strip, Texas size food is incredible, packed with a UCLA on weekends.
A great Happy Hour aswell.

Asia De Cuba
8440 Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood
Beautiful view over L.A. great food, although very pricy. Not to be missed, always a hip crowd.

8225 Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood
This themed restaurant and club is not your typical sushi bar. This is a three level restaurant that features 5 regular bars and 7 sushi bars. The bonsai trees and beautiful Japanese gardens with the waterfalls add to the atmosphere. The lounge offers music for after dinner partying.

The Kitchen
4348 Fountain - Silverlake
Right next to Silverlakes most famous hangout, Akbar, this little place serves casual food. It's loud, it's good, it's a little NYC flava in L.A.

624 La Brea - Los Angeles
Even if you just go for the pastry, it is sooooo good. A little pricy, but treat yourself to some great california cuisine inside this beautiful building, which used to be Charlie Chaplins office back in the days....

113 N. Robertson - Beverly Hills
There is no better place to experience L.A. Come for lunch, see your favorite d-list stars, producers signing there deals, chit chat about nothing and see to be seen....oh yeah, the patio is incredible and food is overpriced and rather meh(nobody comes here for the food anyhow)

Border Grill
260 E. Colorado Ave - Santa Monica
You know the two girls from there Tv Show(Two hot tamales), maybe you have been at there Vegas restaurant, but this is the original location, full of tourists, but hey, that does not take away from the great mexican food!

8265 Beverly Blvd-West Hollywood
A place where u can even take your parents, impress and not 
spent to much money.
Great italian food, incredible looking crowd, i mean nobody looks bad in here (Yeah, it's like watching a "Twilight" movie)
Pane E Vino has been here for years, a novelty on 3rd street, where Restaurants come and go within 3 months, which should tell you how good it is!

128 Old Topanga Canyon rd- Topanga CAnyon(call 310-455-1311 for directions)
If you want to impress your date, take him/her here, one of the most incredible beautiful places in L.A. way up @ Topanga Canyon, the outside patio is right next to a little creek, take Visa with you, because it is very pricy, but well worth it. You are going to get lucky afterwards!
8279 Santa Monica Blvd - West Hollywood
A happening spot in the West Hollywood Boys-Town Area.
Stunning looking space offers great comfort food and vivid barscene after dark!  
6633 Hollywood Blvd - Hollywood
A restaurant and sake bar from the same people who brought you Dolce.
Food is secondary here, as people come to see and be seen at this beautiful, very upscale spot. 
You sure will be stunned by the cool 50-foot tower of sake fire bar!
1612 N.Cahuenga
Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood is sure the hottest and hippest street in L.A. with multiple bars, restaurants, shops and more on 2 blks. The Velvet Margarita is the newest addition, think a carnival funhouse -meets-Tijuna chic, with velvet walls, and black lit Elvis portraits, roving mariachis and hip patrons!
A full menue puts a californian twist on traditional mexican dishes like seviche, turkey emanadas and tequilla flavored shrimps! After 10.30 PM the restaurant becomes more of a lounge/dancehangout!
For Reservations call 323-469-2000     
Walt Disney Concert Hall - Los Angeles
Patina is a 3 star restaurant inside the stunning Walt Disney Hall. Beautiful decorated, this place is busy well into the night. This restaurant offers probably the best Lobster in town and the caviar is out of this world(and pricy too). Be prepared to spent some serious $, but if you try the braised veal cheeks with parsnip puree, you know it is well spent.
Reservations required:213-972-3331 


Sunday Is The Fun Day

11461 Sunset Blvd - Los Angeles
A beautiful courtyard, live jazz, unlimited champagne and visits to the buffet, all for $21.95. Probably one of the most fun places to enjoy your Sundays!
4214 Sunset Blvd - Silverlake
El Cid is a L.A.Institution and there brunch is basic, but the patio setting and live jazz makes up for the food.
1200 Getthy Center Drive - Brentwood
It's a little work to get there, parking, taking the tram up to the hilltop, waiting for seats, but of course you will get rewarded with great food and some incredible vistas!
7916 Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood
The Griddle is packed every Sunday Morning with the hip and cool Hollywood crowd, dont be surprised to see people in there evening outfits, as they come from various clubs around  town. $25
8221 W.3rd Street - Los Angeles
Cellphones are the standard here. It's the place for the young Hollywood Exec crowd. Food is great and California Healthy!
701 Stone Canyon Road - Bel Air
Probably the most beautiful setting in L.A. for brunch, of course it wont come cheap ($48) , so make this a brunch spot for special occations!
( Closed until 2011)
WHIST @ THE VICEROY - Santa Monica
1819 Ocean Ave - Santa Monica
You can choose between the Champagne Brunch ($49) or Non Champagne ($39), in either case, the presentation is incredible. Plus the food tastes as good as it looks like!
There is also a very crazy bar scene, even on Sunday afternoons!
1700 Ocean Ave - Santa Monica
Lounge, Eat by the pool, overlooking the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Ocean. Buffet even includes Sushi, Caviar and Poached Salmon($45, includes unlimited Champagne)
Request outside seating, it is worth the extra wait!   

Restaurants L.A. Would Not Be The Same Without. Classic/Cult Spots We Visit Not Just For The Food...

10801 W.Pico Blvd - West L.A.
Nothing but burgers and apple pie, a L.A.Classic since 1947
8447 Santa Monica Blvd - West Hollywood
The original since 1927, play pool, watch sports, mingle with the drunk 20 something crowd and have some greasy burgers while you there.
419 N.Fairfax Ave - Los Angeles
Jewish Deli where the old and new crowd come together for some great food. The Kibitz room next door goes wild on some nights with dj's/dancing and bands.
1650 Colorado Blvd - Eagle Rock
For a lot of Angelenos, this is the place to get the best pizza in town, Casa Bianca always have people lined up for there famous thin crust pizza. Everything is the same here since the late 1940's when the restaurant first opend it's doors
1657 Ocean Avenue - Santa Monica
A tiny hole in the wall with surprising good steaks, serving the locals for almost 50 years
9071 Santa Monica Blvd - West Hollywood
A classic Hollywood restaurant were the steak and veal plates are named after famous people. "One Karl Malden Veal please", you get the point...Excellent place for out of towners to endulge in a little L.A. nostalgia.
11407 Santa Monica Blvd - West L.A.
It smells like it, this old school coffee shop is immortal when it comes to L.A.Classics
1121 S.Western Avenue - Los Angeles
One of the first Mexican Restaurants in L.A. with Margaritas to die for! Opend it's doors first in 1927 and now has several branches, but this one is the original!
7312 Beverly Blvd - Los Angeles
No visit to L.A. is complete without having dinner at El Coyote. This is one of my favorite spots in L.A., always busy, always a line, you come here not really for the food, but for people watching, waitress watching, drinking and making friends. A true L.A.Cult place!
6667 Hollywood Blvd - Hollywood
The oldest restaurant in Hollywood, a movie industry favorite for almost 90 years!
877 Figueroa Street - Downtown L.A.
Claims it never closed it's doors since it opend over 60 years ago, this 24/7 spot is always busy with old timers and come nighttime, a hip crowd, having the munchies after a night full of clubbing